Service Standards

1. Instructions will be acknowledged on the date of receipt

2. The Insured and/or risk address will be contacted on the same day to arrange an appointment for survey. Third parties (carriers and bailees) will be invited to a joint survey as appropriate.

3. An immediate site visit will be made to commence investigations or carry out initial survey as soon as an appointment is secured

4. An immediate advice providing the loss estimate/reserve will follow within 24 hours of the initial site visit

5. A detailed preliminary report will be issued within 48 hours of the initial site if necessary and where the circumstances cause an unforeseeable delay in issuing the PR, Insurers will be notified immediately 

6. Claim supporting documents will be collected during the initial site visit and if not available, a letter/fax/email requesting for the same will be sent to the Insured on the date of the Preliminary Advice/Report.  At the same time, Preliminary claim notice to liable third parties will be dispatched

7. In the event that survey is not concluded during the initial site visit for reasons beyond our control, a final survey will be conducted as soon as an appointment is granted and/ or within a reasonable time

8. Reminders to the Insured calling for outstanding information/documents will be sent every 21 days

9. Quantum will be negotiated and agreed upon on without prejudice and subject to approval by Insurers

10. Occasionally and with Insurer€™s agreement, a legal opinion will be obtained to determine the chances of success of recovery proceedings against third parties and we shall be available to defend our position in a court of law within Kenya

11. Final Report will be submitted within five days after completion of enquiries and on receipt of full claim support documents

12. In the event that the claim is not sufficiently documented within 6 months, we shall seek Insurers intervention and/or authority to close our file