Other Support Services

1. Damage Surveys: Damage surveys of Cargoes, Vessels, Rigs, Platforms, Equipments, Terminal and port facilities for Insurance, Companies, Custom, Owners and Charterers.
2. Full Condition Surveys: Full Conditions Surveys of vessels. 
3 .Valuation Surveys: Valuation surveys of vessels, rigs, platforms and equipments for importation (Permanent or temporary admission) and insurance.
4. Ship Yard Attendance: Hull and Machinery repair follow up.
5. Investigation Of causalities: Collision, Grounding, Fire, Oil spill, etc.
6. ON - OFF Hire Surveys: Condition  Survey of Cargo Holds and Bunker Surveys. 
7. Draft Survey: Calculation of Bulk and grain Cargo quantity.
8. Liquid Cargo Measurement Surveys: Calculation of liquid cargo quantity (oil, Chemical etc)
9. Bunkers Surveys: Calculation of Bunkers Survey (fuel, oil, and diesel) onboard for owners, charters, etc.
10. Ports and Terminal Safety and Operational Management: Safety and/or Operational Management of terminal and port facilities 
11. Pre-Loading, Unloading, and Follow-up Surveys of Cargo: Containers Cargo loading and unloading follow-up, Condition Inspection, Lashing Certificates.